Who we are

We are Canadians from different origins. We have different life experiences, different professional and cultural backgrounds.

Some of us are veterans with multiple foreign missions in Lebanon, Moscow, Buenos Aires and Africa. We are skilled people teaching Hand to Hand combat, Krav Maga, Boxing, First aid, and more..

Some of us are parents homeschooling their kids. Some of us are hikers, mountain addicted, winter campers.

We are women and men, fathers, and mothers who take care of their loved ones.

Our beliefs:

As a Sheepdog, your role involves protecting your family and keeping them safe, no matter what it takes and no matter where the threats come from.

As parents, you are the First Responders! Kids do not belong to the government!

We promote:

  • Homeschooling,
  • Family values,
  • Being self-sufficient in our daily lives,
  • Hiking, camping and all outdoor activities,
  • Cooking and eating healthy,
  • Buying local and from your farmer,
  • The value of having a family emergency plan,
  • The respect of women & men, regardless of race and religion,
  • Conflict resolution in the spirit of cooperation,
  • To negotiate for peace while always being prepared for war,
  • To never give up.

We stand for:

  • Every business and Canadian, regardless of their profession, who stands up for The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Our Kids and our loved ones’ health and safety.
  • The millions of Canadians who believe that all forced Covid mandates, Vaccine Passports and Digital ID are crimes against humanity.

We take a stand against:

  • Human trafficking,
  • Human genocide,
  • Child abuse,
  • The tyranny, discrimination, totalitarianism, communism and medical coercion promoted by our governments and corrupt politicians.
  • The division and segregation plaguing Canada, fueled by political agendas of the New World Order and hate speech from our premiers.
  • Mainstream medias and their fake journalists bought off by governments to push the narrative.



Christian comes from France and has a military background.

1981: 9ème RCP, regiment of paratroopers in Pau France.
1984: MNF Lebanon
1986 Opex Chad – Lybia

In France, he practiced Shotokan Karate, Full contact boxing and Krav Maga.

Christian is a certified Hand to Hand Combat and Krav Maga Instructor.

2008, Christian immigrated to Canada, and lived in Montreal.

July 2015, Christian moved to Alberta and opened the first Krav Maga school in Calgary in 2016.
Four years later, Krav Maga Calgary (KMC), a combat studio, had about three hundred students, including 10% private clients such as police officers in Calgary, under cover police officers and a few rcmp, as well as 5% corporate.

2019, the KMC team included a boxing instructor and a First Aid Instructor.

January 2021, Christian had to close his Combat studio due to the loss of about 85% of students, because of the so-called pandemic, the harassment from AHS and the governmental tyranny.

January 2021 to January 2022, Christian taught several private groups of people in AB.

February 2022, Christian, with the help of other freedom fighters, re-opened regular hand to hand combat classes, and added other classes such as a preparedness class to face the coming threats.

Passionate of self-sufficient expeditions, Christian is also certified Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid by the Red Cross (40h).

Regardless of how it ends, Christian has chosen to fight for freedom.


Mia comes from Russia and has a military background

1989-1990 Basic military training (combat engineer)

1992-1993 additional training as paratrooper.

August 1991 and October 1993:
Personal involvement in the street action during major civil unrest in Moscow and Buenos Aires (2001-2002)

1995-2003: Guerilla tactics, insurgency and unstructured warfare.

1996: External sub-contractor for UN low-altitude paradrop missions in Angola and Ethiopia (rigger, operation of explosive components).

Personal experience in combat trauma casualty treatment (no current certificates, prior training in Russia and Argentina)

Martial arts skills:

Basics of ju-jitsu, kendo, karate.
1997: Silver medal on regional aiki-jitsu

Other skills:

2003-2006 Specialized firearms training on pistol, shotgun, carbine, with sniper essentials, tactical pistol and shotgun, fire team (2019-2020)

Pilot, flight instructor, experience in ferry and test flights.
Tactical drone operator basics.

Licensed amateur radio operator, software engineer, proficiency in numerous military and civilian radio and electronic systems.

Regardless of how it ends, Mia has chosen to fight for freedom.