One only has to watch the news to notice an increase in violence. Worldwide, violence fueled by political agendas is also on the rise. Home invasions, violent muggings, mass shootings, riots, domestic terrorism, domestic violence, road rage incidents are, among other things, situations we have to be constantly aware of. On top of that, in 2022, we are now facing medical coercion, harassment, abuse and threats from our politicians who have the support of most law enforcement.

We can no longer pretend we live in a peaceful world where nothing bad can ever happen to us, and it is up to every single civilian to take up the responsibility to protect their loved ones.

Our Personal Defense trainings are not a traditional or sport-based martial art, there are no competitions, rules or regulations. Instead, it is a street-fight based system designed for the primary goal of surviving a public threat and/or any kind of assault.
It is your first level in Self-Defense, before taking the SHTF Prepping program that includes more advanced trainings.

If there ever comes a time when we have to physically defend ourselves, you can bet that the context of circumstance isn’t going to be a funny one. That is why we train hard using realistic, stressful and high-pressure scenarios.
Our trainings are only about the violent reality of life, because violence and fighting at home or in the street doesn’t abide by any rules.

Our self-defense trainings are hand to hand combat, Krav Maga and street-fight based, and our program ranges from beginner to advanced classes.

Our Self-Defense program includes:

  • Self-awareness and basic safety rules;
  • Evasion tactics to escape from problems before they occur;
  • To identify the risk factors in your daily life;
  • To understand the pre-assault indicators: verbal aggression & body language;
  • To act on the timeline of an aggression;
  • Street fight techniques designed for the primary goal of escape and survival;
  • Teamwork in a street fight context;
  • Teamwork “Contact and Cover” in a threatening context;
  • Hand to hand combat and Krav Maga;
  • VIP protection techniques applied to our loved ones;
  • To fight in a confined space such as a car or a building;
  • To exploit your enemy’s weaknesses to create maximum damage as quickly as possible;
  • To trap someone in a self-defense context;
  • To defend from threats and armed attacks;
  • The use of weapons in a self-defense context;
  • To negotiate for peace while always being prepared for war;
  • To engage the enemy only if there is no other choice, but if you must, then finish him off immediately;
  • To fight back and never give up.

All our programs can be taught in French or English.

About the Self-defense program:
It is taught weekly within the city of Calgary and Cochrane.
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About our Personal Defense Seminars:

They are taught within the city of Calgary, Cochrane, and for some of them in Red Deer, Golden, Kamloops and Kelowna.
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