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We are not against the government. But today, we cannot trust it. The globalists have to be purged from all levels of government!

In today’s world, people have to face threats of violence every day, ranging from human trafficking, poverty, social unrest, medical coercion, domestic terrorism, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, violent muggings, home invasions and more recently threats coming from our corrupt politicians.

Canada is no longer a democracy. Our criminal politicians, unelected “top health officers,” and corrupt mainstream medias work hard to establish totalitarianism and medical coercion, destroying our Canadian values, our livelihoods, killing our small businesses, invading our privacy, abusing our kids, while pushing the New World Order agenda.

In today’s Canada, you can walk with your kids and be harassed and discriminated against at the entrance of a public area, or assaulted by so-called security guards while shopping at Canadian Tire, or arrested by the “Kovid” gestapo while praying at church.

Most people are unprepared, unequipped, and untrained to respond effectively to these threats of violence.
If knowing our rights as a Canadian must be our first answer, one answer among others is to give the good guys the tools they need to effectively prepare and respond to today’s threats and violence.

This kind of preparedness goes hand in hand with other values and life skills that we believe are necessary to regain control of our lives, such as cooking, homeschooling, having a first aid training, hiking, camping or doing any other outdoor activity.

Most people sign up for survival classes or martial arts and weapon trainings expecting to learn realistic self-defense and how to get prepared, but very few get what they signed up for…

We have developed a realistic curriculum that addresses the skills you need to get prepared and to respond to threats of violence.

After all, we are our own First Responders!

We will not forgive, we will not forget.

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