Imagine you swore an oath to protect citizens…

Imagine you swore an oath to protect citizens…

April 5, 2022 Man-Made Disasters 0

Imagine you swore an oath to protect citizens…

Then you train to successfully handle various law enforcement situations safely and professionally.
So you learn:

  • Threat assessment,
  • Responses based upon threat assessment,
  • How to handle and holstered weapon,
  • How to shoot a handgun,
  • Position of advantage,
  • Field Interview Stance,
  • Low and High Ready Position,
  • Contact and cover,
  • Arriving on scene,
  • Cover / Concealment,
  • Relative Positioning,
  • Essential communication skills,
  • Listening: listening is a critical part of the officer’s job,
  • Low Threat Assistance/Interview Situations,
  • High Threat/Assaultive Situations,
  • How to manage an emotionally disturbed persons/Abnormal behavior,
  • Searching suspects,
  • Principles of searching,
  • Handcuff suspects behind their back / Proper placement and Double lock,
  • list is not exhaustive….

And then since 2020, you proudly use your skills and get paid to:

  • Kneel during BLM protests and support Antifa riots.

And then, assault and arrest:

  • Small business owners,
  • Old men honking in towns,
  • Maskless women in malls,
  • Peaceful protestors,
  • Pastors,
  • Beat and arrest elderly Veterans,
  • Beat and arrest Peaceful people singing O Canada;
  • Trampling peaceful protestors with your horses,
  • Stealing gas, wood and supplies from peaceful protestors,
  • Sabotaging heavy equipment in a private land,
  • Using intimidation tactics,
    and more…
  • Enforce corruption, crimes against humanity,
  • Turn respectful blue uniforms into brown shirts,
  • Do the corrupt politicians’ dirty job,
  • Trample on the Canadian Charters of Rights and Freedom,
  • Break the laws,
  • list is not exhaustive….

In 2022, the blue line has been broken.
Teach your kids what is happening in this country, because schools already started to brainwash them on this topic too.

The good police officers have already left the force. Most of the ones who still work undercover or in uniform are either cowards, or brown shirts doing the politician’s dirty job. These people are your neighbors, they live in your towns.
They won’t be forgotten nor forgiven. They picked the wrong side of history.

The blue line is definitely broken and it will take years to restore trust in the police.