A Day at the Coutts & Milk River Protests

A Day at the Coutts & Milk River Protests

February 15, 2022 Man-Made Disasters 0

Sunday February 13th, 2022.

On this day, the town of Coutts was raided by a large number of RCMP officers with open assault weapons, who took 11 people in the night.

The people who were there would like the world to know that they are peaceful, loving Canadians, who only wish for freedom and lawfulness to be restored to their country that has been overtaken by dark criminal forces within their government.

They treated the officers there with kindness and respect every day, and would like to make it clear that RCMP allegations of them being armed militants are entirely false.

They feel betrayed by these officers who have sworn to uphold the highest laws of this land and to stand on guard for thee, and they call for the immediate release of all political prisoners being held for protesting unlawful government mandates.

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Source: Calgary Freedom Central