Men For Freedom

Men For Freedom

February 9, 2022 Man-Made Disasters 0

Hey men, where do you fit in a country destabilized by a criminal political agenda?

How do you feel having your kids, your wife and your family abused, harassed and threatened by non-elected, so-called ministers of health, by corrupt MLAs and by criminal prime ministers who are implementing the New World Order and totalitarianism?

The violence fueled by political agendas is on the rise. In Canada, since 2020, you can be harassed, assaulted and arrested by the covid gestapo at the entrance of a public area, while shopping at Canadian Tire or praying at church.
 Lots of business owners became tin-pot dictators.

Like many worldwide countries, Canada is no longer a democracy. For years now, the Canadian Parliament has been under the full control of a minority government dictatorship  controlled by globalists. The opposition is corrupt and has also been bought.

The Canadian provinces are ruled by corrupt politicians and unelected criminal “top physicians.” Corrupt MSM and their fake journalists push the narrative. Like in many other first world countries, the entire electoral system is under the control of Dominion voting systems.

More than ever, since 2020, public schools are no longer a safe place for kids. Most school boards of directors and teachers in Canada are corrupt predators and obey the government tyranny and the medical coercion.

As a Sheepdog, your role involves protecting your family and keeping them safe, no matter what it takes and no matter where the threats come from.

As parents, you are the First Responders! Kids do not belong to the government!

In today’s world, now more than ever, Sheepdogs must be their family’s shield.

Stand up and protect your loved ones! It is your mission!