Plan the Basics Ahead!

Plan the Basics Ahead!

January 30, 2022 Regain Control of your life 0

Planing the basics ahead means being self-reliant with the basics of your daily personal security.

Planning the safety basics ahead can definitely help you manage some problems when they occur.
Being aware of your and your loved ones’ safety also includes today’s threats such as the use of internet, social medias, and financial preparedness.

Some personal skills that can save your life require a hard and regular commitment, such as learning real street self-defense or tactical shooting, but some others, more basic, should be taught as soon as possible to young adults.

Here are 8 essential safety skills everyone should acquire:

1: The basic safety rules in daily life, such as working on self-awareness, using a fire extinguisher or shutting off utilities at home, eating healthy and avoiding junk food, etc…

2: What you should put in an Emergency Car Kit.

3: What you should put in your EDC (EveryDay Carry)
Every Day Carry means everyday awareness, and it is part of your being self-reliant when facing an unforeseen event.
Your personal EDC will look different depending on where you’re going and living, as well as the level of risks you might face..

4: Properly manage a social media account.

5: As parents, teach your children the basics of safety including the use of a phone or social media. For kids, unmanaged social media is an open door for bullies, harassment, human trafficking, and it is a danger for them.

6: How to plan ahead financial preparedness.

7: How to prepare a basic evacuation backpack.

8: CPR & FIRST AID course: at least the basic one.