Man-Made Disasters

Man-Made Disasters

January 30, 2022 Man-Made Disasters 0

Human-instigated disasters are the consequence of technological or human hazards. Examples include human trafficking, poverty, slavery, exploitation of a country’s resources to the detriment of its people, war, genocides, medical coercion, crimes, corruption, social unrest, riots, fires, traffic accidents, industrial accidents, relationship conflicts between countries, domestic terrorism, terrorism, bio-terrorism, nuclear explosions, nuclear radiation, and nuclear war, etc.

In Canada, if you are prepared to face Natural Disasters, you are also prepared to face the more common Man-Made Disasters, such as power outages, fires or floods due to an Industrial Disaster.
But you must know that you will have to take your preparedness to the next level to face Man-Made Disasters such as regular riots and “SHTF” scenarios, due to a government collapse, the implementation of a New World Order and a worldwide destabilization as we are living it now.

In first world countries, the violence does not come only from predators, thugs, domestic violence, or terrorism anymore… It now also comes from random people who became predators, who comply with the implementation of totalitarianism, following you and your family in public areas, malls or shops, and who think they have the right to discriminate, harass, threaten and assault you and your family because they want you to bend to the medical coercion and obey our criminal politicians.

When domestic terrorism and serious riots fueled on purpose by political agendas are on the rise, like we have seen in North America for the last few years, and that your government works hard to be able to seize all the registered firearms, it usually doesn’t end well!

Never forget that being disarmed in a time of chaos and panic is a very bad idea! … and our governments know that.

When SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan), you will have to face a complete collapse of the grid and financial system. It means your cash will probably become worthless…. Within a few weeks, you may have no electricity, no heat, no internet, no fuel, supplies will run out. Within two or three months, your neighborhood may become a war zone, ruled by gangs, militias, snipers. Cities may be blockaded by the army. But who will manage this army? Who will be at the head of this army?
So many countries in the world have unfortunately experienced such events. Bosnia in 1992 is one of those.

You’ll need a strong mindset, regular information about the situation, old school communication plans, food, clean water, fuel, duct tape, candles, lighters, antibiotics, lots of antibiotics, lots of medications, lots of ammo, a shelter, and things to trade against food, such as soap, candles, lighters or your skills… and you will keep a low profile to avoid attracting attention to yourself.
You must be ready to do “bad” things to keep your children alive and protect your family.
Every skill you might have could be an asset during these times. Supplies will run out, your skills won’t.

Strength is in numbers. If you have a team, you might survive. If you have a big ego, or if you are alone, you may die under a few weeks, no matter your skills.

Implementation of totalitarianism in Canada is also a result of Man-Made Disasters.