Parents are their children’s first responders!

Parents are their children’s first responders!

January 19, 2022 Regain Control of your life 0

Children abuse at school in Canada:

In North America, our children are more vulnerable than ever, and we have to protect them!
Child abuse and sexual abuse occur among all socioeconomic, educational, racial and cultural groups, regardless of a country’s economic status or its citizens’ quality of life.

Since 2020, in Canada, the Federal and Provincial governments have been pushing their evil agenda, and added a new challenge with mental health issues, due to the restrictions and lockdowns. Increase in human trafficking adds a further dimension of horror.

For years, generations of people have been brainwashed at school and in the universities. More than ever, since 2020, public schools are no longer a safe place for kids. Most of school boards of directors are corrupt predators and obey the government tyranny and the medical coercion.

In 2021, the daily masking of our kids and asymptomatic testing for COVID 19 at school is an additional child abuse.

In 2022, public schools are now allowed to vaccinate kids without parental agreement. Basically, public schools are the armed arm of the government and they are abusing kids on a daily basis with the complicity of school boards  and most of teachers.

Who are the predators?

Our corrupt governments, the Ministry of Education, and non-elected chief medical officers of health who want to vaccinate your kids as young as 5 years old.

Most of public school boards and teachers.

TV show hosts, MSM and their fake journalists.

Social media networks, especially YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and applications such as PokémonGo…

Someone who undermines a parent’s authority by allowing children (especially pre-teens and teens) to engage in behaviours or activities that a parent does not allow;

Sex offenders do not usually look “weird.” There is no outward physical appearance to indicate an abuser, and they are experts at hiding their true selves. Sex offenders look “normal.”

Someone who continually tries to arrange time alone with a child, often with lots of reasons or excuses which exclude you;

Someone who repeatedly befriends one “outstanding” child, singling them out, lavishing them with extra attention, praise, gifts, affection;

Someone who insists on being physical with a child (hugging, kissing, tickling, wrestling..), even when the child does not want this physical attention;

Someone who continually invites children to spend time alone at their home, enticing them with the latest video or computer games, toys, gadgets, etc. – especially an adult who does not have children of their own;

Someone who repeatedly ignores social, emotional, or physical boundaries or limits and seems to have no boundaries of their own;

Someone who prefers to spend most of their free time with children and seems to have no interest in age-appropriate relationships or friendships;

Someone who seeks to isolate the child from others;

Someone who treats a child as if he or she were older;

Someone who offers expensive gifts or money to a child for no reason;

Someone who frequently engages in accidental touching, touching games, or invades a child’s personal space;

Someone who offers to teach lessons to a child for free as a favor to the parent, when they would normally be paid for this job;

… just to name a few!

In 2022, stand up for your children even if it means standing up against the world!

Reorganize your lives, and homeschool your kids. You are their only shield!