Be a sheepdog, not a sheep.


Where do you fit in a country destabilized by corrupt political forces, police violences, medical coercion, daily child abuse at school, censorship, and civilian unrest?

In 2020, Like many worldwide countries, Canada is no longer a democracy.

How do you face the present?
How do you face the future, not knowing what it might hold, to keep your family safe?

We can no longer pretend we live in a peaceful country where nothing bad can ever happen to us, and it is up to every parents, men, women, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, to take up the responsibility to protect their loved ones.

We are our own First Responders!

Plan the Basics Ahead
Prepping for Natural disasters
Prepping for Man-made disasters

Basic Safety Rules
Teamwork & Street Fight
Use of Weapons

First Aid Training CPR – AED – Severe Trauma – Medevac

Seconds matter in case of an emergency.
Severe life events, such as natural disasters or man-made disasters, can likely cause serious injuries, such as hemorrhages, blunt traumas and various other serious injuries.

Get trained, get prepared!

Situational Awareness
Teamwork – Contact Cover
Hand to Hand Combat
Make your Home Safer
Fundamentals of Shooting
Room Clearing
Movement in Civil War Zones
First Aid for Severe Trauma

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